Why 96% of bloggers fail in affiliated marketing?

The reason behind the truth

Do you know? 96% of bloggers fail in affiliate marketing, and only 4% are successful in affiliate marketing.

What exactly is happening here?
Why most of the people are not making money with affiliate marketing?
Why are only a few people making thousands of dollars every single month?
What exactly is happening here?

If you are confused and want to know why this particular scenario is happening and by 96%, bloggers are failing in the affiliated market, then read this article till the end.

Affiliate marketing is, no doubt, one of the most beautiful business I have ever found.

In just 3000 to 5000 rupees, you can start an affiliate marketing website, and you can start making money only by sitting at your home.

I am going to talk about the four main problems while 96% of the bloggers are failing affiliate marketing so let’s start this,


First Problem

The very first problem most of the bloggers are facing is they want quick success.

They think that affiliate marketing is something that can help them to make quick money online.

If you are starting your affiliate marketing career with the same mindset
then, my friend, this is not a cup of tea for you.

Affiliate Marketing is not a quick-rich scheme, this is not something magical which you start today, and then you start making money just after three or four months.

Its a journey, Affiliated Marketing is a Process, and you will have to learn so many things to become a great affiliate marketer.


Second Problem

And the second problem is with most of the blogger is looking for the magical keywords, the thing that one day they will find a magical keyword they will write an article around that keyword and earn money will start raining. Right?

I know Affiliated Marketing is what you think if you are not successful in affiliate marketing, and that is what even I felt when I started my affiliate marketing career.

But my friend Keyword is not something you will find in a single day, again it’s a process you will have to learn the keyword research.

because keyword itself is science you will have to understand that why someone is searching for any specific keyword on Google, what exactly is running in his mind and why is he using the Google for that particular keyword,

if you understand the intent behind the keywords, you will make a lot of money with affiliate marketing, but again, you will have to learn this process.

It is going to take the time it is not something which you do on one beautiful day, and then you will find one magical keyword, and everything will change on that day.

You will have to educate yourself and keep on finding the keywords, and this is how you are going to find that one magical keyword.


Third Problem

The third problem I see in the bloggers is that they think that writing affiliate articles are complicated.

The difficulty is only in your mindset; if you think that it is difficult, it will be difficult.

Article writing is something which you can learn; you can read other blogs, you can read other blogs and see what exactly are they doing.

What is the article’s style?
What is the article’s length?
How are they writing it?
How are they conveying the message?
How are they writing the introduction paragraph?
How are they writing the final paragraph?

Once you start observing other affiliate marketing blogs, you can then replicate the same writing style on your blog, and soon you will master.

It is not something which you can learn in a single day or a single month you will have to keep writing so many articles.

And there are chances that once you finish writing 30 or 40 blog articles.

you will understand the flow of affiliate marketing articles and then now you will start making money with those articles


Fourth Problem

Why most of the bloggers fail in affiliate marketing is they think that affiliate marketing is not easy.

They think Google Adsense is easy; They will write an article,
Place the ads on the blog, People are clicking on the ad, and they will make money,

I would say this is easy money, Right?

But my friend here is one huge problem, and the problem is Google can you ban your AdSense account any time, don’t you give any notice they will just come on your blog, ban your account, and then everything may destroy in that one day.

My dear friend, Affiliated marketing, is not tough.

You can always master the thing; you can read the blogs there are so many videos; there are so many blogs you can go there? And the learn what precisely the affiliate marketing is.

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is all about sales and marketing.

Once you learn how to make sales?
One should learn how to do marketing?

Then you can quickly become a great affiliate marketer, and I believe that everything you do in your life is all about the mindset, once you decide that I want to do something in my life once you decide that yes I want to do this.

Let us say you decided that I want to become an affiliate marketer now you will start educating yourself you will start reading the right books you will begin reading the useful blogs.

And there are more chances that within the next six months or ten months, or within a year, you can become a great affiliate marketer.

But from where will it start?

It will start with the right mindset.

Right. You will have to have the mindset. In the wherever position you are, maybe you are a struggling blogger.

Maybe you are an intermediate blogger, making let’s $1,000 a month.

Maybe you are a successful blogger making $5,000 a month.

Wherever you are in your life, you are right now

It is all because of your past.

What did you do in the past?

If you are a failure, there are more chances that you did something wrong in the past. You didn’t take action.
You wasted your time watching the TV playing the games.

That is the reason that you are struggling right now.

And if you are making some money with your blog right now, it is also because of your past.

Because you took some action, you created a blog. You wrote some articles, and this is how you are making money, which is precisely the same as that of affiliate marketing.

if you want to become in the 4% category that is the successful affiliate marketer that
you will have to educate yourself,
you will have to learn the thing,
you will have to have the patience that is the most crucial thing if you don’t have the patience than my friend you can’t become successful in anything.


You will have to have patience.
Learn how to do market research.
Learn how to do keyword research.

Keep on putting your best efforts to become a good writer, and ultimately one day, you will be a fantastic affiliate marketer, and then you will start making money like crazy.

Thank you so much for reading this article, and if you feel that this article can help your friends, please share this article with your friends.

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